Dajon Ferrell is a veteran who served for 13 years in the Army. After experiencing struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to military sexual trauma, she worked toward healing and found a path of choosing meditation over medication. Seeing a need for holistic healing modalities in the Veteran community, Dajon created Warrior Lighthouse, a non-profit that hosts retreats for female veterans to help restore and empower them using alternative healing modalities.

Dajon Mission.png

Upon leaving the military in 2016, Dajon began seeing that anxiety and depression is not just a veteran issue, but that many people are walking around feeling overwhelmed, bogged down with information overload and often missing a sense of purpose. Although her fellow humans were wearing ‘busy badges’ with pride, many of her friends weren’t truly living fulfilled lives. In fact, they were making many choices from a place of fear, lack and unworthiness.

Dajon embarked on a mission to help people to turn their pain into power and their mess into a message that helps them build a legacy and make an impact.

Dajon has taught for the Department of Veteran Affairs, while also speaking at conferences for entrepreneurs and veterans. Her voice has also been featured on the Huffington Post, along with being a published author in the ‘Invisible Thread’.


Dajon’s mission is to raise the vibration in the world. Her jam is teaching mindfulness and mindset magic in hopes of:

  • Reducing anxiety by bringing mindfulness to the masses 

  • Helping more people choose meditation over medication

  • Empowering people to rise up and shine their lights bright, so they can truly make an impact